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Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate in Nova Scotia

Trusted counselling therapist

Esinam Counselling Inc. is a team of skilled Counselling Therapists who deliver services tailored to your personal needs by using client-centered approaches.



Meet Stacy Darku

I am a BIPOC counsellor and I've helped clients that feel stuck and feel that they have no direction. I've helped clients that feel like they are drowning in their problems. My main areas of focus is racial trauma, sexual trauma, PTSD, addiction recovery, domestic violence, and play therapy. Take control of your life!  Get in touch today to see if I am the right fit for you.

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Wondering if therapy is right for you? You’re not alone. Working with a therapist, or counsellor in a therapeutic relationship gives you an opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behaviour. It can also help you learn new coping skills and techniques to better manage daily stressors and symptoms associated with your diagnosis.

"Together, we can create a safe space to help you heal and transform your life"

Have you ever felt that life is too overwhelming, and you do not know which direction to take? Do you feel that the ways you have coped with issues so far has not fully effective? Then this is your time to take the next step towards your healing journey. I support individuals that are facing trauma, anxiety, struggling with addiction and undergoing life transitions. If you are struggling with relationships, struggling with your racial identity, or have experienced racial injustice, I will be able to help you find a resolution.I can support you by using a variety of integrative therapeutic approaches including Narrative Therapy, trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Together, we can create a safe space to help you heal and transform your life.



Listening to your words of wisdom, of knowledge I must say you helped me grow so much to the woman I am today.
- Kayla B
My meeting you at this time in my life was not a coincidence. The universe knew I needed someone strong and caring and smart to help me find myself.
- Sharon K


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